Meet Chrome Enterprise.

These cloud-centric devices cover every need your customers may have. They boost productivity with flexibility, security and speed. Plus, they’re easy to centrally manage, thanks to Google’s Admin console, and faster to deploy which helps to save yours and your customers’ time and makes upgrading simple.

HP Chromebook Enterprise devices are lightweight, portable and simple to onboard new employees onto, while long battery life and WiFi-6, plus optional LTE, means customers can get connected anywhere, at any time.

Already popular for day-to-day tasks, HP Chromebook Enterprise devices have the power to take on heavier workloads such as Photoshop – making them the perfect candidate for a range of applications and industries. IT teams also retain the power to deploy and access apps, and keep employees productive, while ensuring security through proactive and built-in measures.

For hybrid working at lower costs, choose HP Chromebook Enterprise devices for your customers.

Read on to find out more about the HP Chromebook Enterprise devices. You can also listen to our Introduction to Chrome Enterprise Webinar by visiting the partner support area.

The key devices

HP Elite c1030 Chromebook Enterprise

A premium 2-in-1 packed with the latest security and productivity tech, high power processors and much more.

HP Pro c640 G2 Chromebook Enterprise

An impressive blend of power and security in an affordable, lightweight package.

HP Chromebook Enterprise 14 G7

Affordable, durable, capable, stylish and smart, this laptop has everything a business needs to succeed.

Key benefits of HP Chromebook Enterprise devices


HP Chromebook Enterprise devices benefit from high quality finishes, and a focus on portability. With laptops and 2-in-1s available, there’s plenty to offer customers.


These devices are an enticing offer, due to low prices compared to rival devices of a comparable quality. Customers can switch to Chromebook and save money, while enhancing their capabilities.


With a range of powerful processors available, including 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7s, HP Chromebook Enterprise devices are more than capable of handling even the most demanding of tasks.

Up to date

Technology is changing rapidly, and old devices are being left behind. The latest generation of devices has been designed to mitigate this concern. They’re built to fully support cloud services, keeping them relevant for longer.

Chrome Enterprise partner support area

This is your home for Chrome Enterprise knowledge. Discover easily accessible, and regularly updated, product information, reward incentives and the latest promotions. Get a better understanding of the potential of HP and Chrome Enterprise and receive advice and support from Westcoast to help you reach your peak. Visit the partner area now and empower your sales with knowledge.

Why Westcoast for Chrome Enterprise?

From configuring PCs to supporting device deployment at an enterprise scale, Westcoast helps you deliver much more.

Our unique set of client tools and supporting services means we can provide everything that’s needed to get HP Chromebook Enterprise devices into your customers’ hands.

From simple requirements to bespoke solutions, we work to find the right HP Chromebook Enterprise devices to fit your customers’ needs, while our comprehensive DaaS options make it simpler for your customers to refresh devices quickly and easily.

In addition to configuration, we offer imaging and large-scale deployment for when the same disc image needs to be applied to a range of HP Chromebook Enterprise devices. And asset tagging removes time delays by labelling and documenting hardware long before it arrives on site.

We can help you unlock the potential in Chrome Enterprise to make a difference for your customers.

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